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Name: Bob
Location: Florida
Pamela put together our promissory note and our bill of sale for the sale of our Maine home. Since we decided that we would seller finance our home we needed to make sure that the documents were put together by a competent legal professional. We feel confident that we made the right moves with the sale of our home, and with our choice of a legal representative from Holmes Legal Group.
Posted on: Monday - Jul 15, 2013
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Name: Tanya
Location: Maine
You guys are amazing!
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 13, 2013
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Name: Roseann
Location: New York
Thank you, Angela, for your advice regarding my criminal matter. This was the first time I had to deal with such matters and your advice was very helpful to me.
Posted on: Thursday - May 23, 2013
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Name: Janet
Location: Maine
"Thank you, Pam! Everyone was most helpful!"
Posted on: Monday - Apr 22, 2013
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Name: Samantha
Location: Maine
Thank you so much for everything you have done, you’re the reason I am able to have a happy healthy life with my kids!
Posted on: Wednesday - Dec 19, 2012
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Name: Mike
Location: New Hampshire
I was not seeing my son and they fought for me to see him. My ex didn’t follow the Orders. I now see him like I am supposed to and I couldn’t be happier.
Posted on: Tuesday - Jun 19, 2012
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Name: Brian and Roxanne
Location: Rhode Island
Living out of state presented us with a unique challenge in finding a lawyer. Attorney Holmes has proven to be a great choice. She has represented our needs with integrity, passion and a personal engagement that has been integral in the success of our case.

Attorney Holmes has been caring, passionate and honest throughout our legal process. We are confident in her counsel, impressed by her attentiveness and feel lucky to have her in our corner.

Attorney Holmes and her staff are a dedicated group of professionals, Their legal knowledge personal engagement and integrity throughout the process of our case was refreshing. Their open communication allowed us to trust their counsel and guidance, and ultimately led to the successful outcome of our case.
Posted on: Wednesday - May 23, 2012
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